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ICA World functions on a membership basis and promotes cooperation among organisations of various types (private companies, NGOs, public and semi-public bodies) and experts with different backgrounds active in development aid.
The complementary nature of our members, in terms of technical sectors, clients, types of projects and geographic coverage, enables them to increase their chances of success on tenders and calls for proposals. ICA has three principal member categories:

Our Local Member Organisations are consulting organisations based in beneficiary countries and considered as “country specialists” with a proven multi-sector experience in international donor-funded projects and at least 70% of project references in their country.

Our Technical Member Organisations are organisations based in donor countries and considered as “sector specialists” with at least 70% of their relevant references in a specific technical area.

Our Top Experts are the best international and local experts invited in the network by the existing ICA Local and Technical Member-Organisations to increase cooperation opportunities and reinforce work relationships.

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