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Technical Organisations
ICA World gathers organisations with a strong specialisation in one or few sectors applied on donors-funded projects.
How can Technical Organisations get involved in ICA World?
Organisations from donor countries can join ICA World to complete our network of specialists and become the main partner for cooperation opportunities in their sector.
Highly-specialised partners
ICA World encourages organisations with a very specific technical focus –70% of relevant experience in one main sector or few sub-sectors – to increase their network of trusted partners and build long-term relationships with Members around the world.
A Multi-sector network
Our Alliance promotes cross-sector cooperation: ICA World is not restricted to only one field which allows our Members to find suitable partners of various types (private companies, NGOs, public bodies, etc.) and diverse expertise, increasing their chances to gather the right references and experience to win more projects.
Complementary sector hubs
To foster cooperation, Technical Members are selected – through a non-objection procedure by all current Members – for their complementary nature (in terms of sectors, clients and services). Therefore, they enjoy a privileged position in the ICA Hubs – groupings of specialists organised per sector in close contact with relevant Local Members and Top Experts.

Technical Organisations testimonials

Head of Diplomacy
Action Global Communication (AGC)
Action Global Communications has been a member of ICA World for a number of years and each year we see potential for growth and new business opportunities. We have made many meaningful connections with other ICA members and have seen positive results in winning new contracts. We highly value the ICA team as they very professional and always available to help assist with any needs. Action believes the Alliance to be valuable and a great resource for building successful collaborations
Deputy Director
Bureau for Institutional Reform and Democracy (BiRD)
The collaboration between ICA World members is characterized by professionalism, partnership, fairness and mutual trust. This working environment provides unique perspectives and opportunities, which are difficult to find beyond such a network, especially for us as a small company.
Project Manager
Health Focus
ICA World builds upon the intrinsic motivation of people around the globe to create sustainable development, all while responding to business opportunities for both technical and local partners. The Alliance provides the possibility to extend one’s business horizon and to brainstorm about project concepts with partners from different countries with similar goals. Having worked with ICA partners during the conceptualisation and the implementation phase of projects, it became clear that ICA World does not only provide contacts, but also a basis for trusted work relationships.
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