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Voluntary Training Initiative (VTI)

The Voluntary Training Initiative of ICA World offers win-win opportunities for highly qualified experts and counterpart institutions that are working to increase professional qualifications within their organisations, facilitating professional development at minimal cost.

Have a look at the list of available trainings and get in touch with the ICA World Team (info@icaworld.net) for more information about these unique pro bono courses.

What is the VTI?

The Voluntary Training Initiative (VTI) is an informal networking mechanism that connects highly qualified experts with counterpart institutions that are interested in promoting professional development through specific training, with minimal administrative requirements.

To know more about the VTI, have a look the Guidelines for Participants.

Which trainings are currently offered?

We offer a variety of specialised and cross-sector professional courses.

The list of the currently available pro bono trainings can be accessed here.

This list will be regularly updated as new courses are proposed by our Top Experts.

Do you want your institution to benefit from one of the trainings?

We invite you to select a course and submit your application form to the ICA Team at our email address info@icaworld.net.

We will then connect you with the trainer to give you more information about the course and to discuss logistics arrangements.

Are you an individual consultant with unique expertise?

Highly qualified experts who are interested in offering pro bono trainings and in being part of a community of trusted partners, expanding their network and range of opportunities, can send a request to become ICA Top Experts.

They can express their interest and submit their CV through the form available on the ICA World public website.

Contact us at: info@icaworld.net