ICA - International Consulting Alliance

Memberships Benefit
Enhanced Cooperation
We believe that proximity to local beneficiaries through a structured local presence combined with an appropriate use of international good practices prevent reinventing the wheel on every project and are essential elements to a successful project delivery.
Widen your Scope
Be able to reach more opportunities by interacting with partners from different geographic areas and diverse background (universities, institutes, public and semi-public bodies, consulting & engineering companies, NGOs etc.).
Increase your Networking Capacity
Get higher chances of success thanks to our extended network of Local Partners covering more than 40 countries worldwide. Being specialists for their region, they contribute with their local intelligence and valuable contacts – field experience is best acquired at a local level.
Enrich your Project Portfolio
Broaden your Clients’ base, building on the know-how of other Members about new funding agencies, government or private funds. Through our Database of References, you can easily assess our Members’ experience and get in touch with the most relevant partners.
Knowledge Sharing Platform
ICA World provides a platform where members can easily exchange useful information and good consulting practices based on our Members' success stories. All members are connected to the ICAnet platform, enabling them to proactively source and share Business Intelligence in the field of development cooperation.
Project Management Tool
Swiftly identify and respond to new opportunities and partnership requests thanks to a variety of functionalities that allow efficient management of your tenders and projects – from Daily Tenders Alerts to market analysis and reference building tools.
Improved Expert Integration
Benefit from our constantly growing Database of Experts (currently more than 38.000 CVs) with a powerful search engine (32 criteria). Our platform offers also a vacancy portal and an efficient expert management tool supporting 6 different CV formats in 3 languages, allowing you to create a closer Circle of Experts to strengthen the relationship with your best consultants.
Exchange of Information
Participate in exchanges with Member-Organisations and Top Experts working in your countries and sectors of interest by joining our new ICA Hubs – a digital space dedicated to host sector-focused and cooperation-oriented discussions. Benefit also from more knowledge-sharing through our Library of templates, guidelines and documents built on our Members’ lessons learned.
ICA World is more than a club - our Members build together a growing Community of Practice sharing same ethics, values and working standards. Members can experience the benefits of being part of a global network and have various opportunities to meet and strengthen their ties with other organisations and experts.
Exclusive Partnership
Enjoy a privileged position in the network regarding the sector or country of your expertise, as Member-Organisations enjoy a veto power over potential competitors. Similarly, ICA World proposes to independent consultants to enjoy the benefits of a full membership and a secured position in an exclusive pool of consultants with different backgrounds.
Extended Contacts
Benefit from a shared address book to better identify potential partners, experts or subcontractors: enjoy mutual recommendations about contacts other ICA members have worked with and receive Business Development support from the ICA Team.
Cooperation-oriented Events
Attend the ICA World Annual Event, co-hosted every year by one of our Member-Organisations and participate in a series of conference panels, presentations (organisation profiles, success stories and case-studies), bilateral meetings to find common ground for cooperation and various social activities that create interpersonal linkages among participants. Take also part of thematic webinars organised by ICA World and its specialised members.
ICA World helps Members to improve their success rate and quality of their project deliverables