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Local Organisations
Our Local Members around the world establish a structured network of trusted partners with a strong field experience in multiple sectors supported by their proximity to the best local experts.
How can Local Organisations get involved in ICA World?
Organisations from beneficiary countries can become ICA World’s exclusive partners and be in touch with other ICA Members for cooperation opportunities in their region and beyond.
Country Specialists
ICA World believes that field intelligence is best acquired locally. Therefore, our Local Members are considered as the main specialist for their country and region and are selected for their broad knowledge of the local context in various sectors. Local Members shall demonstrate 70% of relevant experience in their home country.
Local Ownership
Our network fosters local employment and direct participation in decision-making in the field of development through the involvement of locally-owned organisations. Local Members can expand and diversify their activities by teaming up with ICA partners contributing with their own focus in terms of sectors, countries and donors.
Privileged Local Contact
Local Members enjoy a privileged position as the main contact in their country for the entire network. Existing Members can exercise their veto right to avoid the involvement of direct competitors with identical expertise.

Local Organisations testimonials

General Manager
North Macedonia
Congress Service Center (KSC)
We have been part of the global network of ICA World for more than 7 years now and we are incredibly satisfied about the great results and partnerships we have achieved. We have used the network for sharing experiences and good practices, searching for partners in specific geographical areas, as well as with accomplished technical expertise. We have established many successful consortia with ICA members for contracts of important value.
Managing Director
Sierra Leone
Dalan Development Consultants
Dalan’s crossing path with ICA World in 2018 was an ‘off chance encounter’: our business horizon has blossomed and we have strategically changed the way we work to accommodate new work streams. Our enthusiasm has translated into results. In a year, we have teamed up with six ICA international partners to develop proposals, with Dalan as the local partner: success was ours for two tenders and we are hopeful the results will be the same for another two in the pipeline. The emerging effect has been an increase in financial returns as well as a stronger and more stable professional team. We urge other undecided agencies, to make a quick decision to join the ICA family, so as to step up their consulting business performance. A supportive ICA administrative team is waiting in the wings to help.
Kwok Loon CHAN
Managing Director
NAREE International
Through ICA World’s user-friendly cooperation platform, we can search for potential project opportunities, partner organisations and qualified consultants. The ICA team supports us in timely manner with significant enthusiasm and patience.
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