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Independent consultants play a key role in development aid projects. Through ICA World, experts can be in touch with more potential employers, benefit from more cooperation opportunities and actively participate in the building of our community of practice.
What is available for experts in ICA World?
ICA World proposes different ways for experts to get involved in the network: from open vacancies to direct participation with a tailor-made membership.
Open vacancies
ICA World gathers all the open vacancies posted by our Member-Organisations related to donor-funded projects in many sectors and countries, for a variety of required profiles and duration.
Register your CV
Experts with relevant experience in development aid can send us their CV to share it with Member-Organisations looking for consultants with a certain profile – from junior experts (at least 3 years of experience on donor-funded projects) to senior team leaders.
Become ICA Top Expert
Our network is open to senior professional and reputable independent consultants: Top Experts are considered equal partners in the network and enjoy all membership benefits.
How to become an ICA Top Expert?
With the active contribution of Members, ICA World performs a diligent evaluation of experts interested in joining our inner circle of consultants, based on their reputation, expertise and working relation with ICA Members.
Elite circle
Top Experts form a limited group of consultants in direct contact with all ICA Members. Sectors, countries and experience are all taken into account by the ICA World Team to secure a privileged position for each Top Expert, prevent potential competition and maximise their opportunities of cooperation in the network.
Criteria of excellence
Top Experts must demonstrate an excellent reputation and a successful track record in their sectors/countries of expertise. Therefore, most of the Top Experts joining ICA have worked closely with at least one of our Members and have benefited of a special recommendation from this organisation or Top Expert. Seniority and Technical specialisation are also important criteria to ensure the quality of the network. The Majority of Top Experts consists of independent consultants. Exceptionally, ICA World can accept candidacies from in-house consultants or from experts that have never worked with an ICA Member.
Community of Practice
More than a professional network, ICA World aims at creating a living community of peers sharing similar values and aspirations, eager to learn from each other and develop strong personal working relations. Top Experts are fully integrated in the ICA Hubs and various activities where they can get to know the members and how to best work with them, benefit from the experience of organisations and consultants around the world and get enough support to grow professionally while remaining independent.

Top Experts testimonials

Green Economy
I enjoy being part of the ICA network where I make contacts and exchange professional experiences with companies and other freelancers from all over the world. I can contribute with my ideas and suggestions to further develop the network. The ICA team is very innovative and ambitious to support all members with helpful services, bring them together and make of the ICA Event the networking highlight of the year.
Rural Development
Since I joined ICA World, I have experienced a lot of positive growth in my career as an international consultant with a number of member-organisations contacting me to develop joint bids. I have received quality and timeous support from the ICA Team who has worked hard to link me with other members and helped me to get selected to moderate an EU Conference. I have really enjoyed being a member of ICA World and will be encouraging other experts to join and enjoy the same benefits as I do.
Interested in working with the ICA Members?
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International and Local Top Experts bring a decisive contribution to our world community of development specialists.