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  • Top Experts play an important role in ICA


    ICA recognises that experts play a key role in international development cooperation. Top Experts, highly professional and reputable individuals with a specialisation in a given sector and good track record of successful projects are essential to winning projects, as well as in achieving successful implementation.

    As these Top Experts are scarce in the international development cooperation arena, ICA has developed the idea to go a step further in developing relations with them by integrating them into its structure and giving them the importance they deserve.

    Among others, these are some of the benefits for Top Experts in ICA:

    • To exchange views, practices, seek advice amongst a group of reputable technical organisations and peers in a trusted environment that puts quality and respect upfront. ICA Members and Top Experts meet and exchange online in sector-specific Hubs on the ICA Platform as well as in person during the ICA events.
    • To be part of the limited and exclusive ICA pool of Top Experts and the ICA Hub in their sector of expertise.
    • To have a trusted direct relation with professionals from ICA Members who can assist with procedures and give advice on issues experts face towards client organisations or donors.
    • To be part of something bigger than the implementation of single projects, to join a broader cause, whilst remaining totally independent.
    • To be timely informed about interesting missions and job opportunities published by ICA Members and other Top Experts.
    • To rely on ICA's network of local and international offices worldwide; Top Experts will feel at home wherever ICA Members have offices.

    In order to join ICA, a Top Expert's candidacy needs to be presented by an existing ICA Member Organisation, who will then act as the Top Expert's Host. This ICA Host Member needs to demonstrate that they have a close working relationship with the expert on various donor-funded projects.

    Interested experts can check with their close partner organisations about their involvement in ICA, or they can submit their CV by email with an inquiry to become a Top Expert to ICA.