ICA - International Consulting Alliance


  • ICA stimulates cooperation between independent like-minded organisations and top experts dedicated to providing high quality development consultancy services in emerging countries.

    ICA provides a knowledge sharing ICAnet Platform through which members exchange new business opportunities and share useful information and consulting practices.

    ICA facilitates exchanges of experiences, good practices and success stories, so as to ultimately contribute to positive and sustainable project outputs.

    ICA believes that proximity to local beneficiaries through a structured local presence, combined with an appropriate use of international good practices prevent reinventing the wheel on every project and are essential elements to a successful project delivery.

  • ICA has three principal member categories:

    • Local Member Organisations - i.e. country specialists, consulting organisations based in beneficiary countries; these partners have proven multi-sector experience in international donor-funded projects, with at least 50% of references in their country.
    • Technical Member Organisations - i.e. sector specialists, organisations based in industrialised and BRICS countries; at least 50% of their relevant references needs to be in a specific technical sector.
    • Top Experts - these are the best international and local experts invited to the network by the existing ICA Local and Technical Member organisations.

    The complementary nature of ICA members, in terms of technical sectors, clients, types of projects and geographic coverage, enables them to increase their chances of success on tenders and calls for proposals.

  • ICA Board steers the alliance and takes the lead on the future development of the constantly evolving and continuously growing network. ICA Board Members, representing Technical and Local Members as well as International and Local Top Experts decide about the priorities of new developments and improvements and discuss about existing challenges, looking for smart solutions.
  • With an office in Brussels, Belgium, ICA has a dynamic international team working from different locations worldwide. ICA Team is fully dedicated to support its members and stimulate cooperation between them, organise networking events for the members as well as maintain and develop its online interactive ICAnet Platform.